SoftUni Global Partnership

SoftUni Global has built the largest IT and digital community in Bulgaria since its establishment. Through our software engineering program, we prepare future leading experts in the software industry, and our main goal is to directly support the sustainable growth and development of software companies by:

  • Providing access to quality software developers, enabling companies to plan for the growth and improvement of their software development team

  • Positioning the company's brand as a preferred employer among the largest IT companies in Bulgaria increases the community's interest in it on the part of future candidates

  • Partnering in the development and building of the skills of the company's employees by creating and organizing corporate trainings entirely according to the company`s needs

  • Providing consultations from top experts in the development of architectural solutions and computer software projects

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Suitable for

  • Companies that experience a shortage of qualified staff which slows down their growth.

  • Companies that aim to be recognizable employers and increase the interest of potential talent in their open positions.

  • Companies that need upskilling or retraining of their staff.

  • Companies that are experiencing difficulty building the architecture and implementation of a project are looking for expert opinion, audit and guidance.

Strategic partner for the growth of the software industry

SoftUni Global is a strategic partner of a large number of companies from the IT and digital industry and supports their sustainable growth and development.

Recruiting Software Developers

SoftUni Global's career accelerator partners with companies to hire junior programmers with real-world practical skills. The candidates recommended by SoftUni have successfully completed their software engineering program and have undergone a selection and validation process for their practical skills.

Corporate Trainings

SoftUni Global has the largest base of training experts in software engineering and digitalization. Our experts work in various companies and have many years of experience. They can assist your employees with the expertise, implementation and usage of various technologies at different degrees of difficulty.

Employer Branding

SoftUni Global offers positioning of the brand in front of the largest digital community in Bulgaria - during classes, events and on the website and digital channels of SoftUni, etc. In this way, your brand will be recognizable by future software developers and become a preferred employer.

Consulting Services

SoftUni Global works with the largest network of external and internal experts in project management, people management, web architecture and time management in the software development process. They can share, guide and mentor your employees in the launch and implementation of any software project.

Career Accelerator

SoftUni Global's Career Accelerator partners with companies to recruit experienced software developers, with the largest network of Alumni in the field of software engineering.

Establishing Specialized Academies for Personnel Training

SoftUni Global has a unique system for creating and managing educational plans, training processes, knowledge assessments, and infrastructure (classrooms, equipment, and evaluation systems) for the specialized needs of companies in the digital sector.

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