Shelly Scripting Basics - May 2023 25/05/2023 7Weeks
IMPORTANT: Payment for the course can be made only at Shelly Scripting Basics – May product page accessible from HERE. Once payment is approved you will receive an e-mail containing your personal voucher code with detailed instructions on how to access the course and its materials.

The “Shelly Scripting Basics” course by Shelly Academy is organised for the first time in cooperation with SoftUni Global. This course provides an opportunity to discover the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and learn about Shelly devices. Shelly is a line of home automation products created by the IoT innovator Allterco, that allow endless opportunities via JavaScript programming making them easy to integrate into any home automation system.

The course teaches the fundamentals of JavaScript such as variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, arrays, and strings, which are crucial for programming and customizing the devices. It also introduces students to the Shelly devices and their capabilities, along with Shelly scripting, which includes functions and callbacks. Additionally, it delves into the Shelly RPC Protocol and HTTP communication. To apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course, there are some practice-oriented exercises included.

Lectures will be conducted live every Tuesday and Thursday for 7 weeks and you are more than encouraged to participate. If you cannot attend, don’t worry - you will obtain lifetime access to the lecture recordings.